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ODIN 4×8,5 m cottage

A compact house that does not require a building permit and meets the legal requirements concerning a year-round cabin, with a total gross covered area of up to 35 m2. Above the bathroom and the kitchenette, there is a mezzanine with space for bedrooms or a home office. Our designs are based on the STEICO prefabricated frame house technology. Despite its modest and inconspicuous look, it has everything you need to live there comfortably and safely all year round.

STEICO – Innovative material system

The STEICO system is a ready-to-use, certified solution for wall, ceiling and roof construction that enables us to design and build green buildings, conforming to all energy efficiency, low energy, passive, zero energy and even energy-plus standards. The choice is yours. We can help you design and build your dream home, that will be healthy for the residents, environmentally friendly, ensuring the highest thermal comfort throughout the year. The broad range of STEICO products enables us to design and build your new home in many ways. STEICO houses can be built directly on the construction site or prefabricated in production halls, and then delivered in the form of finished walls, ceilings and roofs, as well as whole modules – in this case, we’re dealing with the so-called modular construction. In the case of prefabrication, finished building elements or modules are delivered to the construction site, which makes the construction process, or in this case assembly of the entire house much shorter than using traditional construction methods.

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